6 Panel Sliding Closet Doors Design

Cute 6 Panel Sliding Closet Doors

6 panel sliding closet doors – The sliding doors are elements that have revolutionized the spaces and the way of conceiving a design. Nowadays they are not only used to save space, but also to create aesthetic and visually attractive designs that little affects the partiality of the project. After being extremely popular in the 70s and 80s, the sliding doors stopped having demand in the market, to then return in modern times with more force. With a new concept, these elements are now more versatile and suitable for use in all areas of design.

One of the most common places to use this type of enclosures is in the doors that face the garden or patio. This is because the 6 panel sliding closet doors are easy to open and close, they almost do not take up space and depending on the material they are made, they allow a total visibility of the pleasant garden. So you can have a better connection between spaces, use sliding panels to communicate these environments. The best way to allow visual communication between environments is to choose a translucent material such as glass, these doors can serve in turn as super-mobile windows to allow the passage of air on hot days.

You can incorporate the 6 panel sliding closet doors to your cupboards, no matter how small they are. Take into account the space at the moment of running the door, it can be on a wall or on another sliding door in case of having more than one module. Covering these panels with glass helps reflect natural light to multiply the lighting; and its mirror surface creates the illusion of a wider room, while the frosted horizontal lines make an interesting contrast with the surface of the mirror. The sliding closet doors are silent and ideal to save space in the bedroom area, being a very convenient design for small spaces.

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