Adjust Folding Shutter Closet Doors

Amazing Shutter Closet Doors

Shutter closet doors – Sometimes you want your door cover to be large and ornate, as with the main entrance to the house or other type of showcase. Other times, they want to downplay it. If you have a double-blind door, it most likely is covering a corner of the laundry or some other utilitarian area. Maintain the modest adjustment project. A, the simple flat pre-finishing adjustment, installed with beveled corners, will cover up the space between the housing and the wall without drawing attention to the door. Measure the top section of the door, just at the edge of the housing, from one corner to the other. Mark the measurement with two marks along the bottom of a piece of door trim, leaving at least 5 or 6 inches beyond each mark.

Adjust the setting marked face up on the miter saw, with the marked bottom edge sitting against the back fence of the saw. Position one of the two marks on the front of the sheet. Turn the blade so that it is at an angle of 45 degrees from the measured main part of the molding. Replace the power so that the other mark is in front of the blade. Turn the blade at 45 degrees in the opposite direction, so it is still pointing away from the measured main part of the molding.  Adjust the seat along the top of the shutter closet doors opening, on the upper edge of the shell, with the two mitres at either end starting at the two corners and fishing off and up from there . Secure the piece with your nailer, firing the pin every 8 to 10 inches along the top and bottom edges of the piece.

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Follow the same procedure to measure and cut the trim on both sides of the shutter closet doors, with the exception of mitering only the top ends of the parts. For the lower ends, cut them in a straight line, so they will be left on the ground. Install the side pieces in the same way as before, with the nailer. Make sure that the upward-facing miter faces of the side pieces form a tight curve with the mitres on the two ends of the top piece.