Attractive Bifold Closet Door Knobs

Bifold Closet Door Knobs And Pull Black

Bifold closet door knobs – bifold doors with hinges, which are normally used in cabinets, save space and allow better access to the contents of the cabinet. Popular designs include the shutter type, solid and molded panels. More exotic folding doors have glass inserts or are made of less common wood, such as teak. The doors adapt well to the creative project used, eliminating the need to build from scratch. Reformulation of a set of folding doors as a decorative screen can be the first project that comes to mind and is among the most common.

Repaint doors, mirrors or add a mosaic, or cut a poster or an enlarged photograph to fit through the two panels to give a decorative touch. Join two sets of bifold closet door knobs by adding hinges for an extra large screen that works as a room divider. Paint or decorate each side to match the decoration of the room you are facing. A more ambitious project involves cutting the central panels and replacing them with rice paper, as in a Shoji screen, bamboo weaving, or pearls strung on fishing line.

Bifold closet door knobs are available in a variety of standard heights and can be made to measure for higher specifications. Use the higher doors as hanging space separators. Install the rails of the upper and lower doors on the ceiling and the floor as if it were a wardrobe door. Add as many doors to the tracks as necessary to divide the room. Join the door sections together with hinges, or leave them unhinged so you can open parts of the wall and leave other parts closed. Or, suspend the folding doors of the ceiling with attractive chains or metal rods. To keep the doors from swinging, use chains or metal rods suspended from the bottom of the doors to hold firmly to the floor.

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