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Frosted Hidden Closet Doors

We have seen them in the cinema; the hidden closet doors have hidden rooms in which crimes have been committed and large plans have been orchestrated. The library has been the favorite place to locate them but today there are other more modern possibilities. The secret doors hide more often today pantries, bathrooms and dressing rooms, secondary rooms that are accessed from the kitchen or bedroom. They use paneled walls, cabinets and other tricks to remain hidden or semi-concealed. Do you want to know them? In here we show them.

Doors often “get in the way”. When they are in the middle of a wall, they aesthetically break the design of the wall in two. We can choose to respect your space or as in the examples that we show you today, incorporate it into the design so that it is hidden in it. As? Using one of the many proposals that the market offers us. In a paneled wall it is really easy to hidden closet doors; the use of the same material will make the limits of this one hidden. The wood that covers the walls of the contemporary style dining room of the second image is a clear example of what we can achieve by betting on a uniform finish.

The walls with closets from top to bottom can also be used to hidden closet doors. This type of work is usually found in spaces where storage is essential. It happens this way in the kitchen and in spaces of step like the corridors. In them we can create secret doors with access to the pantry or a small toilet. The wallpaper can also serve as a tool to camouflage a door. Look at the vintage dormitories of the first image; the wallpaper is square in such a way that if the door were closed, it would be almost imperceptible. We can also paint the door as the wall and avoid the frames to achieve continuity and thus hide the door.

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