Bedroom Style Double Closet Doors

Double Closet Doors Sliding

Double Closet Doors – Folding doors are a perfect choice for cabinets, allowing the door to be completely closed or opened without space on the floor and the wall needed for swing radio of a conventional door. The installation method for a single double-folded two-panel door is the same for double-door units and any double-folded door size is applied to be installed. Mark the center of the wall thickness in the two upper corners of the door opening, then uses the edge of a level or a chalk line to connect the two marks. Level of the central line marked in step 1 on the floor on the turning side of the door opening, using a plumb or level.

For carpeting floors, mark the center point at the base closet of the wall. Align the screw holes that are drilled in the upper metal track on the centerline marked in step 1 and mark each hole with a punch. Use a saw to trim the length of the track if it is longer than the width of the opening before marking the screw holes, being sure to cut off the end of the opposite track of the pre-installed upper pivot bracket. Place the top rail against the top surface of the double closet doors opening, centered on the screw holes marked in step 3. Position the top pivot bracket on the desired side, secure the track in place with the screws provided.

The position of the lower pivot double closet doors bracket aligned with the center line marked in step 2, with the notched groove perpendicular to the face of the opening and the upwardly angled angle shorter against the vertical wall surface. Attach the pivot bracket to the base of the wall and the floor with the screws provided. For carpeted floors, the pivot bracket cannot be installed directly on the carpet and a small block of wood must be securely nailed to the floor, and then place the pivot bracket to the top of the block.

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