Best Bifold Closet Doors IKEA

New Bifold Closet Doors IKEA

The instructions for installing bifold closet doors IKEA are easy to follow. This is good news for do-it-yourselfers who appreciate many folding doors. Folding doors can save space in a small room, provide greater visibility in a narrow closet and save time and money for materials and installation. Instructions for installing bifold closet doors IKEA. Remove the existing ports and then take very precise measurements of your closet opening. Take the height and width measurement. Remember the old adage, measure twice and cut once. Once you have the exact numbers, you can go to the store to buy the folding doors. According to your measurements for the number of folding doors you need for DIY store.

The next step to install bifold closet doors IKEA is to install the track along the top of the opening closet. This will secure the door in place and allow it to open and close easily. Also included in the package will be floor supports for the door. It must be fixed to the structure of the door against one of the side walls. Next, install the pins in the holes of the doors. Also in this case, the plugs will be with the package. A piece will come with a screw to adjust the height of the door.

Once the pieces are in place, you can install the folding doors in the guide and support. For best results, pop the top of the door into the guide and slide the bottom into brackets. You can use the studs as turning points to adjust the exact positioning of the ports, including the height. With all the rails, brackets and screws in place, install the door in groups of guides and brackets. It works best if you put the top of the door on the rail and slide the bottom of the door. Finally to install bifold closet doors IKEA, install the whole handles in the center of the door and tighten the knobs firmly in place.

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