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Louvered Closet Doors Sliding

Louvered Closet Doors – Folding doors are useful for covering large closets. They provide access to both sides of the cabinet and are convenient because they fold out of the wall and close, either next to another pair of double-leaf doors or a wall jamb. The installation of a double-leaf door is moderately easy if you have the right tools and the right knows how to do it. Consider some tips to transform your wardrobe into one with double-leaf doors. Install the track to the top of the cabinet frame. Measure the width of the frame, and put a mark in the center. The track will only be half the size of the wardrobe frame.

For this, both for the left and right side. Have your helper hold the track to the top of the closet frame. Align the holes in the track with the line. Pilot holes in the upper part of the cabinet frame on the line. Screw the track to the top of the frame. During two double-leaf panels, you must do both to the left and right side. The double fold kit will come with one track per kit. Holes for the pivots. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for correct placement and size of the drill. Hammer the top pivot, which is the axle that does not have a wheel on it, on top of the pivoting door, which are the louvered closet doors that do not move.

Hammer the pivot guide, which is the axis of a wheel, on the sliding door, which is the door with the handle on it. Hammer on the bottom of the other lower pivot on the bottom of the pivoting louvered closet doors. Adjust the jamb bracket on the floor, which is the bracket that attaches to the bottom edge of the closet wall frame and the double leaf doors. Use the measurement you used to center the track, and place the jamb support to the same extent. Drill pilot holes with a small fragment. Screw on the three screws.

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