Best Organizing Closet Ideas

Organizing Closet Ideas Style

Organizing closet ideas – Discover five basic principles to learn how to organize a closet and thus prevent garments from crumpling or deforming. You will gain space and you will have everything arranged in such a way that you will find what you are looking for more easily, besides teaching your children to be more orderly. Before thinking about how to hang clothes so that they do not deform, verify that they are dry and free of dust or dirt. This also guarantees that there are no bad smells in your clothes and spaces.

When you hang the garments, adjust all the buttons, stretch the wrinkles and give the indicated shape to the collars and sleeves, so that the garment is hung as you want it to look. This will help preserve its shape and prevent wrinkling and deterioration. Choose the hangers well depending on the type of garment. For example, skirts and trousers will retain their shape better if you hang them on hangers with hooks where they can maintain their original structure. Allows each garment to have enough space so it does not wrinkle. To achieve this, a minimum space of 3 cm between each hanger is recommended to organizing closet ideas.

Knitted and cotton garments retain their shape better if they remain bent. Select well the clothes that you will keep hung and those that will be folded. Organizing closet ideas with dividers is a good way to keep everything in view and in order. In addition, it is a way for your children to get used to the fact that everything has its place in the closet. Having the cabinets in order will guarantee that your family does not waste time looking for the clothes in the morning and will give the clothes more time, representing a great saving in time and money. If you consider these factors when arranging your clothes, you will know how to organize a closet so that the clothes are arranged in the most organized way possible.

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