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Closet Organization Hacks Set

Closet organization hacks – When it’s time to update built-in wardrobes and wardrobes, costs and color, the choices people tend to give the most thought. Fresh paint is cheap. New doors are costly. Stripped doors and drawers are messy and use strong chemicals. Latex color not. With the right strategy it is possible to spend less time and money and be well satisfied. Children like bright, happy primary colors. Adults tend to tire of these and prefer natural colors.


Remove the wardrobe door. Closet organization hacks a suitable work surface and light sand. If replacing or lacquering, do not worry about dirt or stains on the old door if they are not very fat. If so, prime the door with a shellac-based product. Remove the drawers. Unless the boxes have multiple layers of paint or finishes are severe chipping and cracking, a slight grinding will be good. If there are big problems, the drawers will have to be scaled. Take the hardware and light sand boxes or use a paint removal.

Scale the old color. Choose a water-based stripper, carefully follow the instructions and listen to the warnings. Closet organization hacks apply the product and place plastic foil over it. This stops evaporation and prolongs the usefulness of the product. Add several hours to the recommended waiting time. Take wrap and scrape away the paint. Bring a water rinse and allow the product to dry completely. Roll a primer on the door and drawers. The base color is important because additional colors are applied over it. Most people choose to build from light to dark.

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For example, a light orange is an excellent choice if a natural wood look is the goal. Rolling a clear glaze of diluted brown color over the orange will produce the desired appearance. Thin base color with three parts color to some water. Roll more thinly, even layers. The goal is a very light texture left of foam roll. Watery color gives best results. Mix a glaze color to roll over the base. Thin this in a ratio of two parts paint, two parts glaze and some water. Add one or two drops of washing rinse aid to improve smoothness while rolling the paint. Roll a layer and decide if the results are OK. Darker color of a second or third glaze coat.