Cool Closet Doors Design

Cute Cool Closet Doors

Cool closet doors – The presence of wardrobes in homes has always been essential, but now it is more than ever. With housing increasingly smaller and with an accumulation of a greater number of objects each time, the current society demands storage space in the home that is well distributed and well organized. This has caused the presence of built-in wardrobes in the bedroom area to be increasingly common, progressively replacing the old exempt lockers. Although it is still possible to furnish our bedrooms with independent cabinets, these are more common in old houses as the newly built houses come already equipped with built-in cabinets or with the space for these, which are much more usable and condition the distribution of the rooms less.

A great idea for small spaces is to install mirrors on the doors of the cabinets, both for a functional issue and for aesthetic reasons, as they will give a greater sense of spaciousness. We can also resort to mirror doors even if we do not have a size problem, as in the wardrobe we show, posts that have great styling possibilities. As in the rest of cool closet doors, also in those made with mirror, we can play with handles, colors and textures, multiplying the design possibilities by the reflective effect of the material.

When designing the cool closet doors of a built-in wardrobe we will have to think about the decoration of the room in which it is located, as this will determine the style of doors that we choose its material, finish, color, accessories, etc. The design and finishing is also closely linked to the decoration trends. For example, at present it is usual to bet on doors of extra height, which can even reach the ceiling. These doors are ideal for housing modern interiors, such as the one we see in the image, where you bet on these two-color doors, which combine white and black. Its finish, with a slight shine, gives the wardrobe a sophisticated.

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