Covering Linen Closet Storage

Linen Closet Storage White

Linen closet storage is a large piece of furniture that can easily take over the place of a wardrobe. Although it is a useful item in a home with limited storage space, it can also create a visual black hole in a room due to its size. A bulky wooden closet catches your eye, making it necessary for you to find a way to cover it. Including a wooden closet provides an exciting new design element to your room.


Cover your linen closet storage with contact paper. Contact paper comes in a variety of designs and has a self-adhesive backing that keeps it on the shelves. It gives your wooden wardrobe with a fresh, stain resistant appearance and also hides some cracked or damaged wood. Contact paper is easy to apply and also easy to remove and clean if you do not want the door to be permanent. Paint your linen closet storage using a brush. If the wardrobe has a worn look, a new layer of color can illuminate it immensely.

Paint the linen closet storage an opaque white to match a white bedroom set or choose live gemstone tones for a bohemian look. Sand and prime the wood before painting to make sure that the paint works lasts or apply the color immediately and sand it something to give the wardrobe a worried look. Soak large pieces of liquid starch and apply the wet fabric directly to the front of the wardrobe, level them flat. When the starch dries, it keeps the fabric to the wood surface.

This method makes it possible to cover up your wardrobe with the addition of a new tactile feature to your room. Cover your wooden wardrobe with wooden decal design. While wood decals will not cover the entire wardrobe, they can add interesting design elements to the wood surface. They also break up the visual effect so the wardrobe does not look so overwhelming. Choose decals that match the appearance of the room.

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