Custom Bifold Closet Doors Ideas

Custom Bifold Closet Doors Wooden

Custom bifold closet doors are ideal for areas that do not have enough space for a regular single-panel door to open. They can also offer a solution to odd-sized doorway openings, including wardrobes. There are a number of companies that make custom Bifold doors for non-standard sizes. The doors can be matched to existing doors in terms of style and color, and can be fixed or may contain panels of glass.


If you want custom bifold closet doors installed, you’ll have a number of choices to make. Many wardrobes have Bifold doors that slide on the tracks on the floor, but they do not need any songs in place to work. In fact, if you’re installing Bifold doors for an office, walk-in pantry, walk-in closet or other walk-in area, probably do not want to track the floor that will be easy to trip over. You’ll want the doors to slide on a trail on the upper support from the farmer instead. With custom doors, you can specify the exact length of track you want, and the door the company can create doors to meet your measurements.

Fixed and Split Doors

For wardrobes and other private areas, consider both fixed doors and slatted varieties. Even the solid doors shut off the area completely, slit doors have valves that can be opened to allow airflow into the area. A wardrobe with a lot of woolens may need a solid door to prevent moth access, while summer clothes will be less likely to develop mold or mold in damp areas if there is air flow through the vent holes. Once again, the doors can be made to fit any size opening from a small linen closet to a large dressing room. You can take your own measure and contact a custom bifold closet Doors Company on your own, or contact someone who sends a representative in measuring and making notes. If you’ve done a lot of home improvement and know exactly what you want, a DIY strategy is fine.

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