How To Decorate Interior Sliding Closet Doors

Interior Sliding Closet Doors Wide

Interior sliding closet doors – The first step is to design your doors and wardrobe. Choose the size of the wardrobe and the style of the doors. Then make a sketch of the final design. This is what you will be working from. The next step is to build the wardrobe yourself. This is done by framing the wardrobe with 2 of 4s and constructs the frames for the walls. Frame the opening for doors with care. You will need to stand for the width of the plaster, and add this to the opening width.

Install doors

After the closet frame is done, hang plaster sheets on the walls. Use or screw and then disconnect plaster with joint. Sand and paint it with primer. The interior sliding closet doors are installed with slots along the top of the closet. Set the first lane in the middle of the overhang, on top of the wardrobe door frame. Secure it with screws. Now, install a guide on the floor in the middle of the wardrobe. Install the doors by placing them in the metal groove and on the steering. The door will hang in the track, located at the bottom of the guide. They will slide back and forth across the track.

Building a 4-foot wide with 6-foot-high cabinet with two interior sliding closet doors to display antiques, collectibles or other items is a fairly simple task and may be cheaper than buying one. All you need is a pair of carpentry tools, plywood, wood stain or paint, hardware and two ready-made glass doors. Measure a 4-foot with 6-foot backrest for the cabinet on a plywood board. Cut it out with circular saw. Cut two 1-feet with 4-foot pieces of plywood. These are the upper and lower parts of the cabinet. Cut two pieces of plywood that is 1 foot with 5 feet 10 1/2 inches. These will be the pages.  Align the back piece over the frame and fasten it. Run a screw every 6 inches down all the way around in the four sides of the frame.

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