How To Decorate Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding Closet Doors Wooden

Sliding closet doors – Normally built of wood or fabricated materials, sliding doors wardrobe doors are often a lane decorative style, because they offer little or no visual impression. Because these doors seem to move by moving over a track, it is important that the track is not blocked, otherwise you will not be able to open and close the doors. While a simple layer of color or bite clings up to these doors, there are ways that you can add more elaborate and eye-catching ornaments.


Paint a decorative pattern on the surface of the sliding closet doors. Instead of painting the doors a solid color, use a variety of colors to paint a pattern. Easily draw the pattern on the surface of the doors with a pen; different geometric prints or twisted lines, for example. Choose color colors that match or contrast with the color scheme of the room. Use a brush to paint over pencil lines.

Feature a wall painting on the doors. Choose a mural that fits the room’s design; try a castle for a little girl princess-themed bedroom or a picture of the shoreline in a beach-inspired living room, for example. Use a brush to paint over mural lines and use colors that make mural to come alive. If art is not your strong side, trace templates to create mural. Hang stickers on sliding closet doors. Again, choose stickers that work with the theme of the room, such as whimsical trees in a rustic area or celestial bodies in a space theme room. Hang the decal directly on the surface of the doors.

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Cover doors with fabric. Measure the height and width of the doors. Choose a single-colored or patterned fabric and cut it to the door dimensions. Apply self-adhesive hook and loop along the edges of the doors and along the back of the edges of the material. Apply some hook-and-loop fasteners to the center of the door and center of the back of the fabric. Touch the fabric on the door. To update the look, remove the fabric and replace it with a new fabric.