Design Closet Organizing Ideas System

Tidy Closet Organizing Ideas

Closet organizing ideas – To design closet organizing ideas, starting with review home design books that have well-organized closets. Make notes about ways to group items, such as shoes or purses that are appealing. Go over home magazines that show ways to surround a closet for maximum efficiency. Examine online resources demonstrate good organizational tools and accessories to create as well. Second, target space available for cabinet organizing systems. Sketch the hanging rods for clothes, first of all. Create the storage systems, shelves and hanging sticks around the place for clothes. Draw a double hanging rod to maximize floor-to-ceiling space.

Plan to install a rod about 15 inches from the closet ceiling and another rod about 48 inches from the closet floor. Third, develop a list of items to be stored on the shelves of the closet. List items such as folded sweaters, scarves, ties, lingerie, shoes and blankets. Write down storage systems to be used in different spaces, such as wire shelf systems or vertical hanging caddies for shoes. Sketch rooms in the closet organizing ideas that are to be used for storage accessories. Include one or two dressers in the bottom of the closet as well. Do not forget the valuable hanging space on the back of the closet door. Fourth, draw the cabinet in detail using millimeter paper. Allow a field of millimeter paper to represent 4 inches of closet space.

Consider how folding or standard lockable doors will be placed across the front of the closet. Examine how the closet will be used to make sure everything is properly positioned. Fifth, take the time to imagine where to put boxes or buckets to save things that produce a lot of mess, such as belts or small purses. Planning to buy buckets, boxes or plastic containers that all matches or coordinate with each other. Create a cabinet closet organizing ideas system that looks similar to installing storage containers in the same neutral colors, for example. Do not forget to include a large container in the bottom of the closet for dirty clothes. Even if the dirty laundry path to the washing machine will be stored there.

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