How To Design Free Standing Closet Organizer

Free Standing Closet Organizer Wooden

Free standing closet organizer – Determine two different areas in your open floor plan by building a self-contained wardrobe. A stand-alone wardrobe has a box shape and structural support at its base, at its four corners and through support beams at the top. This built-in storage structure will neatly store your garments while serving as a permanent space divider. Construct your stand-alone closet for a weekend.


Compose free standing closet organizer use chalk lines to mark the contours of the wardrobe on the floor. Measure six meters above and at least 2 ½ meters deep. Mark the door measurement on the floor to leave a door. Add 2 ¼ inches to this measurement for the door framing. Cut pieces of 2-of-4-inch wood to the box at the bottom of the stand-alone wardrobe. Screw or bolt these pieces of wood to the floor. Construct the two sidewalls and rear wall wardrobe on the floor and then lift the walls in place. Cut another set of 2-of-4-inch wood with the same dimensions as the base plate pieces. These two pieces will make the bottom and the top of each sidewall.

Subtract the 4 inches from the two lower 2-by-4-inch wood pieces and the two inches from the top 2-of-4-inch wood piece – a total of 6 inches – from the total desired height of the stand-alone wardrobe. For an 8-foot or 96-inch tall wardrobe, the final measurement will be 90 inches. Cut 2-by-4-inch wooden lines to the measurement in step 4, and space them 12 inches apart from the corners. Fill the design of the front of the free standing closet organizer by cutting 2-by-4-inch wood pieces for the base, cutting more vertical wood rules and cutting the horizontal top of the front wall. Nail all pieces together and then lift each everything in place. Nail or screw the ends together to make the wardrobe corner. Reinforce each corner with an additional vertical wood rule screwed to the corner guides for support.

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