DIY Sliding Closet Doors Ideas

DIY Sliding Closet Doors Style

DIY sliding closet doors – nice sliding doors wardrobe doors can add a little more character to a dull or messy room than a regular wooden door. Sliding doors Wardrobe doors can come in many different styles, including mirrored, and can be installed quite quickly with some tools. Measure the width and height of the door to your wardrobe. These measurements are useful when looking for the perfect sliding doors. Write down measurements and take them with you. The standard height for sliding doors is 80 inches. Compare different styles of sliding doors. Choose doors that suit your decorative taste and fit your closet doorway.

DIY sliding closet doors, remove the old wardrobe door. Unscrew the door from the hinges and remove the hinges and the door from the wall. If you already have sliding doors closet doors and replace them by lifting the old doors off the slots to remove them. Put on protective goggles and remove grooves and screws from above the head and base on the floor with drill and screwdriver a little. Install the new tracks. Attach upper groove above the head to the edge of the door with screws and drill. If the track is too long for the door frame, use your arch file to cut it to the correct length. Mount the door rollers on top of each door with screws. They fit into the track and allow you to adjust them so that the doors are hanging flush together.

DIY sliding closet doors, attach the lower track to the floor. Find the position of the lower track by placing it on the floor and hanging sliding doors in place. Look at the doors to find the center of the lower track. Mark the center point with a pen and remove the doors. Attach the groove to the floor with screws and your drill. Install sliding doors. Hang back the sliding door, then the front sliding door on the upper track and then place rolls on the lower track. Test doors by pushing them back and forth to make sure they are easily broken.

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