Easy Closet Ideas For Small Spaces

Bedroom Closet Ideas For Small Spaces

Believe it or not, organizing closet ideas for small spaces is a great challenge. However, sometimes it is better to have a small closet than a very large closet because you will only have what you really like. Consequently, dressing in the morning will be much easier and you will lose less time in your day to day. But how to live with a small closet is not so simple, we tell you seven easy tricks that will help you get the most out of it. Take out all the clothes, analyze the closet and try to get the most out of it.

How? Putting shelves in the upper part, as in this case, or boxes and drawers in the lower part. Taking advantage of the space from floor to ceiling is essential in this type of closet ideas for small spaces. Also, use double bar whenever possible. Clothes are always much better hung than folded; so, if you have little space, use this double bar to gain storage capacity in your small closet hanging at two heights. Take advantage of any space for hanging accessories: In this case, an empty space is used to place the ties. Remember: any space in a small closet is likely to be used for storage.  Lockers In children’s lockers, where folding the clothes is quite uncomfortable, bet on the triple bar.

Do not fear, when children grow up, you can transform it into a double bar in a very simple way. Hanger’s Fine steel hangers will be your best ally to double your space. Why steel? They are perfect because they do not deform; so … forget about the wire ones! If you need a little more space, do not forget to take advantage of the interior of the doors by putting small hooks to hang some coat, scarves and hats. And you? Do you already apply these closet ideas for small spaces?

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