Excellent Closet Door Finger Pull

Bifold Closet Door Finger Pull

Closet door finger pull – It is one of the most economical ways to have a dressing room, with no need to make custom cabinets and furniture. We can create our dressing room or wardrobe in a modular way, creating different widths and depths according to our space needs. The different depths go very well in case of having a column in one of the walls and using different backgrounds we can hide it completely. But, Curtains sometimes – and well used – can be an excellent decorative resource while practical. In the lower image we can see a hole that has become a closet with curtains. This time it is used to decorate a baby’s room.

Sometimes we focus the decoration with the preconceived ideas we have, especially in the theme of cabinets. Had the idea of ​​having a modern closet door finger pull without a wardrobe ever occurred to you? The placement of a lamp inside the closet without doors, I have to admit, it had not even crossed my mind, but it must be admitted that it can become very practical. Interesting and practical to take advantage of the great depth and height of this space. Attention to the detail of putting cushions in the small piece of furniture on the floor that will help us to put on our shoes.

We also have to think about the little ones. In this case the space and the heights are ideal so that they can pick up books, toys; even choose the clothes of the day. This is the idea that inspired me to write this article. On my floor, opening the closet door finger pull is a miracle; the space is adjusted to the millimeter. I am sure that some of you who read this article have had to buy a bed of a size smaller than you wanted to be able to open the closet doors, as there are floors where it is impossible to combine a modern built-in wardrobe with a decent-sized bed .

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