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Expandable closet organizer never seems to have enough space. But many wardrobes can “expand” and actually hold more items when they compactly organized. DE cluttering a wardrobe of unwanted clothes, shoes and personal things is the first step towards the wardrobe organization. Adding expander closet organizers make optimal use of available space. A variety of space-saving organizational tools help create a custom, expandable wardrobe to accommodate storage needs.


Remove all clothes, shoes and other personal items from your bedroom expandable closet organizer. Sort clothing and shoes in three heights: keep, donate and throw away. Reorder clothing by type, such as leisure pants, jeans, shirts and dresses. Determine which additional items to store in your bedroom closet. Luggage, jewelry and bedding are typical items stored in the bedroom wardrobes. Select a base piece to start configuring your expandable closet organizer, as well as an adjustable shelf with drawers, cabinet doors or open shelves.

Place folded sweaters and other clothes that will extend in shape on vertical shelves. Put heavier things in the bottom of the pile, and brighter at the top, group casual and work clothes in separate piles. Fold underwear, socks and scarves and place them in storage boxes. Also, arrange organizer compartments in boxes to neatly store jewelry. Mount expander bars to enable re-configuration of your wardrobe as storage needs change. A low pole is perfect for hanging skirts and tops, an eye-level pole for dresses, and a high bar for costumes and shirts.

Stacking hats and storage containers on wall-mounted upper shelves. This utilizes the space from a shelf to the ceiling, which provides additional storage needed for seasonal clothes or bedding. Clear boxes and trash baskets allow a picture of what is in the container without searching. Store shoes in an expandable closet organizer hanging from a robe or from the back of a wardrobe door. Stackable, translucent plastic shoe shades or an expandable shoe rack on the wardrobe floor, there are other storage options. Extend your closet by hanging a step-by-step tie and belt rack from a robe, on the wall or from the back of a wardrobe door to neatly arrange belts and ties.

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