Free Standing Closet With Doors Idea

Solid Wood Free Standing Closet With Doors

Free standing closet with doors – Some houses seem to have enough closet space. There is always a need for a place to store seasonal clothes or guests’ robes. Often you have an odd place unsuitable for other uses, but a commercially available wardrobe would be too big. These are good reasons to build your own free standing closet with doors. Fortunately, wardrobes are some of the easiest furniture to build. A free standing closet with doors is little more than a large box with a clothes bar and a shelf or two inside with the door outside.

A typical device can be three and a half feet wide, two feet deep, and six meters high. Plywood and particle board are good building materials, because they are relatively cheap and very sturdy when built as a box. Use 1x2s to frame exposed edges on plywood. An equal base can be built with 2x4s. Dress the inside with cedar if desired. The clothes post should be centered approximately one foot below the upper. Doors of the free standing closet with doors can be mounted using the piano hinge, which runs full length on the door. Outside can be completed in any way you wish.

Color a popular choice because it is both easy to clean and blends well with painted walls. Do not overlook the possibility of taking an existing cupboard that has survived its original purpose. And add a 1 inch diameter clothes post and doors. Reuse of old free standing closet with doors in this way can create some really fun and unique closets.  If your storage needs are for items like shirts or skirts, rather than long items like rocks and dresses, you may be able to use a half wardrobe. Built with the same technology as a full-size wardrobe but half as long, such a device can be placed on an existing low cabinet to get extra storage space without taking up extra space.

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