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One way to add a modern charm to your home is with frosted glass closet doors. These can be found in bifold, sliding, French, bypass and swing style and can be used almost anywhere in your home. They are perfect for a linen closet as well as for a bedroom closet or pantry. Many of these are made from recycled materials making them economical as well as being eco-friendly. They all feature tempered glass to prevent temperature changes from affecting them. Frosted glass closet doors are a must for the modern or contemporary look.

French style frosted glass closet doors help hide a somewhat messy interior. To have clear glass closet doors, your closets must be very organized; otherwise visitors see the messy closet’s interior. French style doors have many panes of glass in them and if that glass is clear you are able to see inside the closet. Bypass doors are doors that pass one in front of the other, usually allowing you access to only one half of a wide doorway at a time. Bypass doors are usually made of wood but you can find them in frosted glass.

The dimensions of your glass closet doors are important. Although bifold doors are adjustable, other forms are not. If you purchase sliding glass doors, it is really important to get precise measurements. Most sliding doors ride on a track. If you do not get correct dimensions, the track will either be too long or too short. This can cause your doors not to meet the other side of the door jamb properly or in the case of swing doors not meet in the center properly.

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Most of the frosted glass closet doors are framed with wood or metal. Some may be framed with a polymer and wood fibers. You can purchase these finished or unfinished so you can stain or paint them yourself to match your decor. You should ask your local home and building supply retailers about which type is best for your needs. Many of these retailers have experts that can assist you with almost any of your home improvement needs. Remember to take you doorway dimensions with you so they can help you fit the door to the doorway.

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