Getting Excellent Results Of Mirror Closet Doors

Advantage Mirror Closet Doors

Surely most of us have lived in houses where there was a mirror closet door, or at least we have ever visited a house where they had them. In the seventies and eighties they were all the rage, and the truth is that the mirrors are very practical, in addition to visually expanding the space and providing light to the darkest rooms. But current trends do not give much prominence to mirrors, and we can try to renew our closets for little money, getting excellent results. Do not choose lightly the doors of the cupboards, because it is key to define the aesthetics of any environment. If what you want is to visually expand the space and enhance the brightness, opt for mirrored panels, with the moldings in the same color and finish as the rest of the carpentry.

Painting mirror surfaces is complicated by not being porous, although it can be done. My advice is to leave some of the doors with the mirror moon to take advantage of it and renew the rest. The mirror closet doors can be painted by applying a special sealer for ceramic tiles and coatings with an enameling roller. Once dry, there are only two or three acrylic enamel hands of the color that interests us; Of course, we will have to cover with bodybuilding tape the areas that we will not paint and remove it once the paint is applied.

As inspiration you have cabinets like this one in black and white, with curved lines; you can leave some circles unpainted to keep the mirror in part. A quicker and easier solution is to coat the glass with vinyl, plastic or self-adhesive papers. There are colors, transparent, metallic, with wood effect … And also making shapes and motives, a trend of the most current. Another option is to cover the surfaces with cloth, gluing it with contact adhesive and covering the edges with miter-cut wood trim. If you dare to renew your mirror closet doors, you will be surprised with the results!

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