Great Container Store Closet Design

Cute Container Store Closet Design

Container store closet design – A pint-sized cupboard does not have to be dead of your extensive organizational skills. In fact, it may be the perfect invitation to them. While your narrow space could put you at a disadvantage, little inventiveness and some creative storage ideas are all you need to make a place for everything. More than you do not save. Start your closet storage effort by honestly evaluating what you are doing and not using. If you do not use it, you cannot bear it or have not forgotten it, throw it away. Small toilets are challenging enough even when they do not contain boxes with items you need. If you find yourself with a closet full of things you simply cannot bear to dispose of, consider moving those items that you do not use for another location. Put a few boxes in the attic, garage or storage device to help free up valuable space.

Even the smallest restrooms have often wasted vertical space. See both above and below the hanging pole for places to install shelves, cubbies and other space savers. If you hang most shirts and folded trousers, consider lowering the rod as far as possible to make room for shelves and avoid spilled space underneath. Or hang another pole underneath first to create more hanging space. The shelves at different heights will help you keep your goods separated by size. If necessary, use wire shelf dividers to keep piles falling into each other and becoming disorganized.

Container store closet design, add lighting and stash A small stairway nearby closes for easy access to these high shelves. An abundance of shoes may threaten to take over any closet, but there are a few easy ways to contain them. Perhaps the most famous idea is the over-the-door shoe hanger, where each pair of shoes can slide into a clear pocket for easy identification. If you have a sliding door, try to place shoes in stack able clear plastic containers. Alternatively you can buy or build open cubbies that will keep shoes without taking up much floor space.

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