How To Hang Curtains For Closet Doors

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Curtains for closet doors – When you store your clothes and accessories in an old, full wardrobe, you may feel embarrassed showing the wardrobe in common sight. One solution is to hide the wardrobe in a decorative way by hanging a decorative, elegant curtain in front of the wardrobe to create a more attractive room and hide the mess. You can hang curtains in front of a closet with the help of some basic necessities that can be found at any home improvement store.


Run a control detector along the ceiling in front of the curtains for closet doors and mark where the duct is directly in front of the wardrobe using a pen. Drill two holes in the tab using a 1/8 inch bit drill. Space the holes 36 inches apart. Screw two screw style curtain rod brackets into the drilled holes with a screwdriver, positioning the opening of the brackets facing outwards. Slide a curtain on curtain sticks at least 36 inches wide, 84 inches long. Place curtain rod on curtain bar brackets then screw the bar securely into place.

Tips and warnings

Choose curtains for closet doors to match your room interior. Keep drills out of reach of children. Nobody has ever said that you could just hang the curtains on the windows. In fact, sharing a room with curtains can enhance your interior design by forming soft obstacles while allowing light through. Use these curtains to divide large spaces into your closet, create separate living rooms in a studio apartment or give privacy to a common space. With some basic sewing skills, you can cut a large portion of the cost by making these curtains yourself. Curtained dividers do not need to stretch all over the height of the closet. To sleep privacy, spread a single, eye-catching draping over the foot of a four-poster frame. Alternatively, hang a curtain from a stand-alone metal frame, and place it strategically into separate two parts of a room.

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