How To Hanging Closet Doors

Hanging Closet Doors

Hanging closet doors usually have a maximum size of around 600 mm (Approx. 2 foot), so as not to put too much weight on the hinges when they open. Hinged wardrobe doors swing open so, although the overall depth of the wardrobe is less than a standard sliding wardrobe, the space required is usually more to take account of the door’s ‘swinging’ space. A wardrobe or closet is a popular piece of bedroom furniture that works a lot like a closet. Even wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, its common feature, its large double doors. These doors are often very decorative, with paintings, carvings and / or scroll. The decorative hinges that keep these doors often break due to accident and overuse. Usually hinged wardrobes have a floor built-in at the height of a standard plinth of around 100 mm, which will cut-down the hanging space marginally.

Instructions to hanging closet doors, place wardrobe door in the wardrobe. It should look exactly the way it will appear when closed minus the presence of the hinges. Place the hinge over the gap between the frame of the wardrobe and the door. The thin vertical side of the hinge should rest on the bottom with the wider side of the hinge extending out towards the closet door. The swivel center part hinged should be suspended directly over the gap between the door and the frame of the wardrobe. Attach the hinges into place. Using a screwdriver a bit, drill screwdrivers into each of the prefabricated holes in the hinges. Repeat this process with the other door of the closet. Your doors should fall evenly with wardrobe and swing open easily.

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If the hanging closet doors are heavy, you may want to use more hinges. You can buy hinges with springs or automatic closing features if the application requires it. For aesthetic reasons, it is a good idea to find wood screws that match the hinge you are going to use. Using flat-headed screwdrivers allows them to rest in flight with the outside of the hinge when fitted. Be careful when using a drill to avoid damage.