Hanging Sliding Closet Doors Ideas

Hanging Sliding Closet Doors Style

Hanging sliding closet doors – One of the primary benefits of the closet sliding doors is that they save space and they are also easy to install and maintain. As with any door, the operation of sliding doors depends on the proper framing around the door. The doors can be difficult to control if the head is not horizontal, and oblique jack studs will result in holes on the sides of the doors. If the design is straight, hanging sliding doors are an uncomplicated task. You just have to screw some hardware to the door and the door frame and a guide to the floor.

Hanging sliding closet doors, measure the distance between the headline door and the floor with a tape measure. Cut doors one inch shorter than this measurement with a circular saw. Measure the width of the door and cut track for this measurement with a striker. Unpack die hanging hardware that usually includes a metal track, four rolls as you screw the top of the door, the door guide and all the screws necessary to install them. Place the track head in the cabinet frame so that it weighs about an inch inside jamb. This will allow you to hide it with the trim. Mark positions of pre-made screw holes, remove the slot and drill a hole on each mark with a 1/8 inch drill bit. Replace the groove and screw it to the head with a screwdriver.

Hanging sliding closet doors, screw rolls to the top of each door. Depending on the type of system you use, they can be configured to attach to the top of the doors or back. Follow the instructions that come with your door hanging kit. Note to slots in the metal track, distributed so that the doors can be interlocked. Hang a door in the rear slot first by tilting the bottom of the door towards you and connecting the gliders into the slot. As the base swings away from you, glider should be connected securely and the door should slide smoothly on the track. Hang the other door in the front slot in the same way. Slide both doors against either the right or left jamb and allow them to hang freely.

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