Ideal Lock Sliding Closet Doors

Glass Lock Sliding Closet Doors

Lock sliding closet doors do not steal much space and do not collide with the door of the room. Options of styles and materials will complement the design of the room. The sliding doors adapt to modular structures of closet and built-in closet. They carry rail in the lower and upper part of the door. This system has been improved with the incorporation of a car with a wheel that is fixed in the ceiling of the closet and another rail on the floor. The beauty of these doors in addition to being discreet when they open, is in the multiple options of materials and coatings; wood, melanin, glass, etc.

In the design the lock sliding closet doors has a rail in the lower area and another guide rail for the upper part. If the sliding door is for the room; using a translucent glass creates an unexpected and elegant nuance. The same idea of ​​a sliding door for a living room may have the same top rail system and a more transparent glass. Both cases will captivate. The closet is not built-in, it has the sliding door system that, in addition to its natural movement, produces an additional movement through the textures and horizontal lines that both doors have; thus, one hides behind the other when the closet opens. The overall design of the space is harmonious and diffuses the color palette masterfully.

It is a modular type of lock sliding closet doors without handles and in its place a vertical embedded design to move it manually. It has upper and lower rail. The design is matte laminate in two colors with a horizontal strip that gives real and subliminal movement. In the room, the aesthetic movement is expressed not only in the closet; it is perceived in the curtain and the accessories.

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