Ideas Closet Door Installation

Cute Closet Door Installation

Closet door installation – Doors that are rubbed cause faster wear of the wood, in addition to the annoying sound created by sliding. The rubbing doors are also more difficult to open due to the friction created. You can often remedy the friction by making adjustments in the way you hang the doors. In some cases, old hardware needs to be replaced to allow the doors to slide freely without rubbing against each other. Inspection of your doors and their components helps to identify the source of the problem.

Look inside the closet door installation to make sure that the mechanisms of the hanging door are fixed correctly inside the upper track. Inspect the bottom of the doors to make sure that both doors are correctly placed on the lower supports or tracks. If any of the doors are off the track even slightly, the two doors can rub against each other. Inspect the track itself to determine its status. A bent track can cause the door to tip over or rub against the other. Replace a door rail that is bent or damaged and does not allow the sliding of one or both of the doors free.

Remove the doors from the tracks. Sand the edges and anywhere on the closet door installation where they rub against other pieces of wood. A smooth surface allows the wood to slide more smoothly than a rough surface. Apply a paste lubricant found at a carpentry shop. Rub the lubricant over the top and bottom edges, as well as other areas on the doors where other wood is rubbed. Lubricant aids on sliding doors with less friction. Place the doors back on the tracks. Adjust the height of the doors, if the support allows, reducing friction, particularly if the coating interferes with the sliding of the door. If the carpet pushes the door, you can push it back into the other door and cause rubbing.

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