Ikea Closet Ideas: Models For Each Home

Oak Ikea Closet Ideas

Ikea closet ideas – Ikea closet ideas are designed and built to provide maximum space organization, allowing them to be customized with the accessories of the company. A wide range of options are the wall structures proposed by the Algot series in galvanized steel, can be completely customizable and customizable. According to the rack concept, the Algot series provides all the useful and functional accessories to best organize the wardrobe space. The modular solutions of the Stolmen range, exploit the whole verticality of the environment with its structures that are fixed directly to the ceiling.

Ikea closet ideas available in various sizes and sizes. The space created can be handled with the already prepared walls or by organizing and customizing the number of drawers, shelves and racks. Another set of ikea closet ideas available in the exterior version is Pax. Its complements are suitable for recreating a room.  Comfortable cabinet and well camouflaged thanks to the many accessories available. The range of modular structures to design and build a company cab allow optimizing spaces and also costs. For example, the single structure of the Algot series with wall guide, three sliding baskets and three shelves is available at a price of € 80.00. Different in dimensions and sizes, the only section with five shelves in the Algot series costs € 109.50.

Finally, the wall guide with four shelves plus clothesline is available at € 192.50. The Stolmen series based on individual needs starts with the single frame model with upright, mirror and hooks at a price of € 89.50. A structure consisting of two sections with shoe rack, two drawers, and mirror with storage, shelves and hanger stand is available at € 381.50. In addition, the Stolmen model, consisting of four sections. And also complete with all the items supplied is available at € 617.50. Finally, the prices for the Pax ikea closet ideas modular series. A wardrobe consisting of a single vertical section costs € 54.50 while the day-walled wall, with drawers and shelves is priced at € 451.50.

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