Ikea Closet Storage: Keep Your Things At Hand!

Best Ikea Closet Storage

Sometimes we are not aware of all the storage possibilities offered by an ikea closet storage and that having everything at hand does not only mean that it is ordered. That our wardrobe fits our lifestyle, helps us save time and headaches when looking for that sweater of luck or that garment that you borrowed. In this course, each storage advice will be as if you were expanding the drawers of your bedroom. Our way of dressing says a lot about us and how we are. It is not the same a traditional lover who opts for neutral colors and classic cuts than another who loves trends or who opts for a more informal style.

Therefore, the way of organizing and designing our cabinets also depends on our style and personality. Ordering and storing our clothes and shoes is a priority for many of us. We have many garments for different occasions: summer and winter clothes, clothes for partying, clothes for sports … As well as clean clothes that we keep in the ikea closet storage, the clean medium that we usually leave on the chair and the one we hide in the laundry basket dirty. If we do not have it well ordered … what chaos! And how to know what your wardrobe type is?

Separate the hanging clothes from the folding clothes. This will help you see how much space and what type of furniture you need. Classify by type (pants, shirts, skirts …). If you prefer, you can also differentiate by colors, material or time of year. Identify and create the categories that best suit your style. As you know, summer clothes take less than winter clothes. And, sometimes, it does not fit all in the ikea closet storage drawers. If you have more space in the bar where you hang your shirts, you can hang a jacket that takes up a lot of space in your dresser.

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