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Ikea Walk In Closet – Who would not like to have the perfect walk-in closet where we can store our clothes, shoes, and others in a simple and orderly way. Having a walking closet has always been a synonym of luxury. But more and more it becomes a present atmosphere in all the projects and we can with a good optimization of the space to have one, even in a department. But what should we take into account when designing our walk-in closet? The first thing is to think about our needs and our way of life, in order to determine the distribution that our closet should have.

How many boxes do we need, how many hangers, how many rows of shoes, how much space do I need to hang sacks, etc.? The answer to these questions is very easy, it depends on what each one needs. It is best to make a sketch of the ikea walk in closet. What we want, and determine how much space we need for our clothes, shoes, and accessories and make a separate space for each type of garment, in this way will be more orderly. The lighting is something we should keep in mind when designing our walk in closet. If the furniture used is dark colors we will need more lighting. Although the closet can be designed only with shelves, the drawers are recommended to maintain order and organize clothes.

For those looking for an accessory organizer, some drawers with separations in the ikea walk in closet are perfect for storage. Jewelry and accessories organizer. Walk-in closet wide and tidy. It is divided into hangers, shoe rack, drawers and accessory showcase. Design of a walk-in closet for men. Walk-in closet made with wood in dark tone. Design of mixed walk-in closet in white. Some designs are also made to store objects such as jewelers, boxes, picture frames, towels, etc.

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