Installing Closet Door Knob

Beautiful Closet Door Knob

Closet door knob – Knobs and handles add the finishing touch to your closet. You can transform your closet to coordinate with other metals, colors and decoration. Follow some simple steps to install hardware closet correctly to provide functionality and eye appeal to your closet. Use a plastic marker template to help set the location to drill a hole for the button. Use masking tape, if a template is not available. Place a 6-inch long strip of adhesive tape 2 inches wide vertically (up and down) along the bottom of the door at the edge where the knob goes for the upper closets. The location of the base cabinets will be along the top of the doors. Center of the tape on the door rail or the vertical edge.

Measure up to 1 1/2 to 2 inches on the tape. Mark the center of the covered area, which will be the central hole for the screw on the closet door knob. Place a small piece of wood behind the area to be drilled to prevent cracking. Fix the drill at low speed and use a brad point drill or one of the diameter sizes of the knob screws. Drill a small hole very slowly through the front of the cabinet over your mark. Remove tape and attach screws from the back of the cabinet knob and secure from the front until the screw is tightened loosely.

Continue the process for the rest of the closet door knob. Use the same method for drawers to install buttons except find the center of the drawer on the left and right along with the top and bottom measures. Place tape or stencil mark and drill the holes in the front of the closet and then place the knobs. Use same method for closet or strip handles; however, handles with 2 screws, to measure the center of the holes between the 2 screws to determine the distance between the drill holes.

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