Installing Closet Door Locks

Closet Door Locks Small

Closet door locks usually contain a lot of paper and documents needed in a professional and private, or they carry an appeal value to the owner of the cabinet. Most archive cabinets come equipped with a lock to protect the privacy of such paper. When the key to the lock cannot be found, panic and a quick search is not necessary. Whether an accidental key damage occurred or a used locked document cabinet was purchased without the available key, drill out the lock and releases it with the right tools and basic power tools.


Insert a suitable size steel drill into the chuck on a drill and tighten properly with a chuck wrench. Select a drill bit that fits the longest part of the keyhole entry point. This allows little to focus on destroying closet door locks porpoises. Drill with an average speed applies a firm, steady pressure to the drill.  When the drill completely penetrates the locking mechanism, set the drill into its back position and slowly extract it from the closet door locks. Insert a flat screwdriver into the slot on the locking mechanism and turn clockwise. If the file cupboard is completely destroyed inside, the lever will travel, which gives access to the cabinet boxes. Repeat steps 1 to 4, exam to the next largest drill size if required.

Tips and warnings

Destroying the tumbler system in a closet door locks is usually successful on the first attempt because of its relative simplicity. Smacking oil and other general purpose household oils work well for lubricating drill bits. Keep the drill steady to avoid breaking the drill off inside the lock. Steel drills are hard, yet brittle, and must remain in line in the direction they start. A well-functioning door lock is crucial for home security. Whether your lock is old, broken or just in need of an updated look, changing a door lock only takes a few minutes with the right size byte and the right tool.

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