Installing Sliding Closet Door Lock For Safety Reason

Sliding Closet Door Locksets

Sliding Closet Door Lock – Closets containing toxic products can become a danger when children are at home. Therefore, we will avoid risks and we will save ourselves more than one scare if we place a special wardrobe door lock, for the space that we want it to remain closed. Here is the step by step to install a closet door lock that you can do it by yourself.

After choosing the most suitable lock for our needs, we remove the closet door where we are going to install it. Next, we placed the door on a work table and on top of it, a wooden strip of the same width as the wardrobe frame. We flush the piece well with the edge and mark with a pencil the position from where we can place the lock. Present the sliding closet door lock, taking as reference the limit to place the line marked above. Then, we point out the central point of it. To work more comfortably, remove the door handle with the help of a drill equipped with a drill bit.

We placed a martyr under the door so as not to splinter it and fasten it with a gag to the work table. Then, with the drill and the blade drill, we made a through hole of the same diameter as the lock cylinder. Next, we introduce the bowler in the hole we have made and screw the lock to the door. Next, we measure the distance from the latch to the top edge of the door and transfer the measurement to the furniture. Then, we hold the plate exactly at that point with some screws. We put the handle on the door and put it back in its place. Finally, we check that the sliding closet door lock works correctly. If so, we already have our locker door lock ready.

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