Installing Stanley Closet Doors

Stanley Closet Doors Design

Stanley closet doors – Installing new wardrobe doors can give your bedroom a new look without requiring costly renovations. Painted wardrobe doors allow you to highlight the color scheme of the room. You may also need to replace the existing wardrobe doors due to damage to the door or track. Follow this guide and you will get your new wardrobe doors installed in a few minutes.


Measure your old wardrobe doors so you know what size replacement Stanley closet doors to buy. You can buy premade doors that have already been finished and painted, or you can buy unfinished doors and customize them to match your home color scheme. If you finish your own wardrobe doors, they should be completely dry before loading them. Lift one of the old doors up and pull the lower edge towards you until it reaches the track. Repeat for the second door. Some types of doors have a locking lever that has to be released before the rollers can be pulled out on the track. Other doors have a cutout section in the track that allows the doors to be removed.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the groove on the top of the door opening. Measure the old track before throwing it so you know how long to cut the new track. Cut the new track with arc file so that it is the same length as the old track. Attach the track to the top of the door opening with a wooden screw. Fully tighten the screws so that the bosses will be out of the way of the door rollers. Do not tighten the screws as this can stretch the track and prevent the rollers from slipping freely. Attach the rollers to the inner edge of the top of the door, if necessary. Some Stanley closet doors come with the rollers preinstalled. Raise one of the doors and slide the rollers into the track. As in Step 2, you may need to release a lock lever or place the rollers in a certain cutout section of the track.

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