Instructions For A Base 9 Cube Closetmaid Closet Organizer

Wire Closetmaid Closet Organizer

Closetmaid closet organizer – Organize your home and reduce some of the mess in your closet with a ClosetMaid 9 Cube Organizer. Nine racks can be attached to your wall to keep it securely in place. In addition, if you need more storage space, the organizer can be stacked and attached to other devices. Consider using a ClosetMaid 9 Cube organizer to keep your shoes, accessories or out-of-season clothes. To make 9 Cube closetmaid closet organizers, open the box with the organizer and check that you have all the parts.

To have this 9 cube closetmaid closet organizer, you must have two side panels, a top panel, a bottom panel, two horizontal dividers, five shelves and six shelving dividers. In addition, there should be an L-shaped wall mount, a 1/2 inch wall screw, a 1-1 / 2-inch wall screw, two hole studs. Also eight long dips, 10 short dips, 20 1 1/2 inch- long screws, 20 screw covers and 60 nails. Then, arrange the shelves so that the finished edges face in the same direction. When the organizer is completely united, the unfinished edges should not show. Put a short dive into each of the four holes in the bottom shelf. They must form a square in the center of the shelf.

Join the bottom edge of a side panel to the bottom of the bottom shelf with two 1-1 / 2-inch screws in pre-drilled holes. Put the ends of two of the vertical dividers to the bottom panel. Line up the pre-drilled holes at the ends with dots in the bottom panel and press them into place with a hammer. Power consumption in the standby closetmaid closet organizer up so that the device forms an “L”. Insert four long raw plugs into the holes along the top edge of the two horizontal dividers. Place one of the horizontal dividers on top of the two vertical dividers. The holes in the bottom surface of the horizontal divider with doves in two shelf dividers and hammer in place.

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