Laundry Closet Doors Area And Beautiful!

Laundry Closet Doors Barn

Laundry closet doors – The area where we place the washing machine (and sometimes the dryer) is one of those spaces that are not missing in any home. Even when the space is small, we cannot stop having a washing machine and a laundry basket. In larger houses we have the option of creating corners or rooms with everything necessary to wash clothes, lay them out and even iron them. The laundry area is one of the most complete and beautiful of the list, also thanks to all the space that has been dedicated to it. It is located in a narrow space but very well optimized, with bars, baskets, lights, shelves, and washing machine, dryer…

If we do not have enough space to create a laundry room, you can dedicate a part of your bathroom to the washing machine. And if you want it to be as discreet as possible, look at this proposal of laundry closet doors. Once we close them, no one will know that our small washing center is located there . The washing machine, the laundry basket, a small ironing board and a storage cabinet for detergents. This is the key to creating a complete and perfectly optimized laundry space. in this case it has been placed in a cabinet in which the boiler is.

A trick to wash clothes fast? Prepare different baskets depending on the type of laundry. In this way, in addition, you will avoid messing up when mixing the colors. You can also separate them according to tissues, if they need to be washed by hand or at what temperature. If you lack space you can also choose to place it vertically, in column. In this case, both the washing machine and the dryer have been integrated into these sliding laundry closet doors, adding extras such as the bar to hang clothes to dry.

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