Making Dorm Closet Organizer

Dorm Closet Organizer White

Dorm closet organizer – Downsizing from your spacious room at home to a cramped dorm room can be quite a shock: you’ll have a tiny bed, minimal desk space, and possibly worst of all, an itty-bitty closet. But a small closet doesn’t have to mean making fashion sacrifices. If you get creative with your space, you can make that hole in the wall feel as enormous as a walk-in closet. Well, at least big enough for a decent size collegiate wardrobe.

Practical Packing

Even if you have a car full of space when you head off to school, don’t over-pack when it comes to clothes. You don’t need to bring every last item with you. If you can keep clothes in your closet at home, do it! Mom can mail them to you if you desperately need them. When choosing your dorm closet organizer, start with the basics, such as solid tanks, dependable flats, and a comfy pair of jeans.  Once you have the basics down, make sure you don’t over-pack on heavier items. Go through your coats and jackets to select one for each season or type of weather. After all, you don’t need a windbreaker in every color.

Outerwear takes up the most space in your dorm closet organizer, so the less of it you have, the more room remains for more important (and fun) items. If you’re coming home for Thanksgiving break, bring your winter coats to school then. If you’re home for Christmas, pick up your spring pieces. Also, don’t be afraid to slim down your shoe collection. You may love every last shoe in your closet, but ask yourself: When are you actually going to wear all of them?  First, start with a set of bed risers.  Once you’ve created more room, get some plastic storage boxes. When everything in your room has a place, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and it makes choosing your morning outfit manageable and fun.

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