Making Sliding Wood Closet Doors

Excellent Sliding Wood Closet Doors

Sliding wood closet doors – One of the advantages of placing sliding doors in the closet is that it allows us to maximize the space available in a room, since sliding parallel to the wall, do not reduce the useful area of ​​the room when they are open. For this and other benefits, in this post we propose to learn how to make sliding doors in a closet. Doing so will allow us to make an economic closet. The first things we must take into account are the tools and the necessary material.

Also, keep in mind that to make this work we will need a kit for sliding wood closet doors and some pieces of melamine agglomerate. In this opportunity we will use four tables for each door. The first step in the task is to measure the height of the cabinet and subtract 40 mm so that the rails enter without problems. We will have to mark the cutting lines on the handle profiles and cut them on them using the jigsaw and an extra-long metal blade. To avoid scratching the aluminum we can put protective plastic on the skate of the saw.

The next thing will be to measure the width of the hole, divide by 3 which is the number of sliding wood closet doors that we are going to place and add 3 or 4 centimeters so that the doors overlap. Once we have cut the profiles in H and the closures to measure we will have to insert the panels of melamine agglomerate in the pieces of union. We will do this with the help of a rubber mallet. Finally we attach the upper and lower profiles. The next step will be to place the handle profiles and fix them with the lag screws that the kit itself includes. To introduce them, we will use the screwdriver with a tip adapted to the size and shape of the screw head. We will then have to cut the upper and lower rails to size and drill the fixing holes. Of course, using the drill and a drill for metal, in this case 4 mm. To avoid damaging the table when drilling, we will place a martyr under the guides.

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