Modern Sliding Closet Doors For Built In Wardrobe

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Modern Sliding Closet Doors – The presence of wardrobes in homes has always been essential, but now it is more than ever. With housing increasingly smaller and with an accumulation of a greater number of objects each time, the current society demands storage space in the home that is well distributed and well organized. This has caused the presence of built-in wardrobes in the bedroom area to be increasingly common, progressively replacing the old exempt lockers. Although it is still possible to furnish our bedrooms with independent cabinets, these are more common in old houses as the newly built houses come already equipped with built-in cabinets or with the space for these, which are much more usable and condition the distribution of the rooms less. In this type of closet, where only its front is visible, its doors are a decorative accessory more for the area in which it is located. Professionals in furniture design and interior decoration, aware of this.

For the closet doors we can choose between different types of opening, the most commonly used modern sliding closet doors or folding door. Although we must also remember other types of openings, such as folding. Currently, it is also common to find open closets in dressing rooms, where the only door is the door itself that gives access to the dressing room space. The wardrobe that we show here bet on the first of the types of opening mentioned, the sliding or sliding doors. In this case, it divides the front of the wardrobe into three sheets made of opaque white glass. A very modern material, and incorporates stripes in the gray and black glass that create a striking contrast.

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The use of sliding doors is quite common in built-in wardrobes. Since they are very comfortable in small spaces. And there is no need to leave extra space to open them. What you have to take into account is the space required for the layout of the guides by which they slide each of the sheets. The sliding doors also have the possibility of incorporating large sheets, with width independent of the modulation of the interior of the cabinet. Such is the case of the wardrobe that we show you. With large modern sliding closet doors made of white melamine with an aluminum profile. Which is combined with white glasses for decorative purposes, creating a dynamic but elegant wardrobe front.

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