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Alternative closet doors – Taking advantage of your wardrobe will give you more space for the clothes you have. An abandoned closet, with clothes rioted and without order, leads to chaos. Are you tired of seeing the messy clothes inside your closet? Do not know what to do to keep clothing at bay? Taking advantage of your closet is important so that clutter does not take over; for this, it is a good idea to fill it with hangers, small organizers for drawers (so you can keep socks, belts, stockings … all separated and folded). It is also good to have bars, shelves, shelves and everything that means keeping the clothes organized.

The truth is that there are many ways and tips to organize a closet, in conditions, and you do not have to spend too much money. In fact, you can recycle and, therefore, here I leave you a very economical way to add space to the alternative closet doors and keep clothes folded. If your clothes do not fit in the closet anymore, you have to find a solution and this can be perfect. The materials to create the organizer or vertical rack are: three hangers (in this case metal and with clips) and four rings of refreshment. As you can see, they are not expensive materials, since it is likely that you will find them at home. How about? Do you have spare hangers? Do you dare to do this organizer?

Surely at home you buy soda and cans, well … do not throw the rings! Keep the mimas and learn a new DIY alternative closet doors. In this case you must take four rings, to create this fantastic DIY that will allow you to take better advantage of your spaces. In addition, you can put it in another part of the house too, for example the living room, and order magazines, newspapers or even put photographs or textiles as blankets. This last idea is great for bending them and keeping them aside, as long as you do not use them.

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