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Closet Doors Sliding Optional

Closet Doors Sliding – A very common problem in the closet is the door that does not close or lock. Especially those that are sliding and do not have a good rail that supports the weight of the door, are easy to unravel, so in the end, it is a problem to open and close the closet. It is very important to look at the weight of the door, and that the system chosen is adapted to the dimensions and weight of the closet doors. The system that was chosen resists up to 80 kilos, so it can have more uses than a closet door, which in general should be much lighter, you need 1 kit per door.

To calculate the size of the pieces of MDF that assemble the closet doors sliding you have to divide the width of the span in 2 and add 5 cm to each piece so that the doors are overlapped. And at the height of the span, you have to deduct 6 cm for the carriage and the rail to enter. With the jigsaw cut 10 pieces of 1 × 2 “strips to make the frames of the 2 doors, 5 pieces per door. The cuts are 4 pieces for the verticals, 4 pieces for the horizontals and 2 pieces for the centerpiece. Each measure will depend on the size of the opening and the door, to get your measurement see Before You Begin where you teach to calculate it.

To assemble 1 closet doors sliding it is necessary to glue the cut strips on the 3 mm MDF plate with cold glue. The collide is a good material to have in the toolbox since it is used a lot in woodworking. There are cold tails that allow gluing, assembling and wood veneering. Cut the polystyrene plates to size with a cardboard knife. Put cold glue on the inside of the door and stick the pieces of polystyrene. These plates are generally used for the acoustic and thermal insulation of partitions and ceilings.

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