Option Decorative Barn Door Closet

Barn Door Closet Pink Colors

Barn Door Closet – Have you ever thought about how decorative a door can be? If you opt for the barn doors it will be, and a lot, since it is a style and a very characteristic design and with a lot of personalities. They are sliding doors like those that were placed on American farms and now you can put in your house to close rooms or closets, divide spaces, hide things you do not want to leave in sight. Today we tell you several ideas so you know how useful they are you can give and what models you can place in your house. If we rely on the original barn door, the traditional American, we opted for a rustic wooden door, even untreated.

With wooden crosspieces placed vertically and another horizontal cross that crosses in the form of a cross or diagonal. The rail is usually left in the air and the barn door closet slides on it. A first use that we are going to give these doors is to close cabinets to hide what is inside them. They can be very cool in the kitchen, for example, in the pantry or in some smaller storage place that you want to keep away from the indiscreet looks. You can also place them in a bookstore, in the washing and ironing area or to cover the TV, for example. You will do it in such a decorative way that this door will charge the entire protagonist.


Separate environments. Another idea to include a barn door closet in your decoration is to make it differentiate and separate different environments of your home. For example, they look great between the kitchen and the living room, or between the bedroom and the bathroom, or in a bathroom that is in the hallway. Being sliding, they do not take up anything of space and are so decorative that they will add an extra personality to every corner where you anime to place it.

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