Perfect Example Of Closet Door Pulls

Bedroom Closet Door Pulls

When we talk about closet door pulls we can be talking about two completely different types of closet. The modern built-in wardrobes and those that are furniture type, which are not built-in. A perfect example of the built-in can be seen in the image below. Those who are furniture type we can highlight the cabinets without Ikea doors and Leroy Merlin cabinets , both are the most sought after on the internet. At the end of this article you will find Ideas for decoration and design of cabinets without doors.

No special installation has been made, the doors have simply been removed, the hinges eliminated and repainted . This modern wardrobe is in a passage area, like a corridor, and has been decorated as if it were a piece of furniture, putting a minimum of clothes and accessories as a hanger. This type of closet is more decorative than practical, although that will depend on us. In Ikea we find many models (here you can find more) that you can build and design to your liking in a modular way, including the complements . If at any time you change your mind, you can always buy the closet door pulls in Ikea to include them.

You can also choose more decorative closet door pulls and these are more practical. That is why we find these last ones in the rooms or in dressing rooms, since they are ideal to build us a cheap dressing room . You can also combination of furniture with drawers, without boxes for boxes, baskets or stacked clothes, a bucket for dirty clothes and hangers that allow to put hanging organizers . A detail with the shoes, each in its own space. Don’t forget to check our gallery to inspire you. We present new ideas in future posts.

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