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Double Sliding Closet Doors Innovation

Double Sliding Closet Doors – Sliding doors are a popular option for cabinets, often mounted with mirrors to give the bedroom the impression of spaciousness. Sliding doors work best on openings 5 ​feet (1.5 m) wide or larger, although there are also doors for smaller openings, and it is common to use three or more doors for openings of more than 8 feet ( 2.4 m) wide. Regardless of the size of the door that your wardrobe requires, the installation procedure is the same and it is a simple project that you can carry out in an afternoon.

Measure the thickness of the wall, and then make a center mark on both top corners of the double sliding closet doors opening and use a chalk or draw a straight line to connect the two center points. Measure the width of the opening at the top and cut the length of the track to this dimension, if necessary. Next, place the track against the top surface of the opening, aligned with the centerline marked in Step 1. Press the tip of a punch through each of the screw holes in the track as a pivot, then connect the track with the supplied screws. Make sure that the open side of the track is toward the inside of the closet. Place the outer door through the trestles or a flat surface to install the upper roller supports.

Measure 2 inches (5 cm) from each edge of the door on the top face, then hold a roll stand against the top of the door, centered over the 2-inch mark, and mark each of the screw holes in the support. Attach the upper cylinder supports to the top of the double sliding closet doors​ with the supplied screws, making sure that the rollers are towards the outside of the doors. Place the outer door vertically next to the opening and insert the rollers of the upper track door by tilting the door slightly to align the rollers next to the track, then hook the roller over the outer edge of the track.

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