Repair The Misaligned Prehung Double Closet Doors

Prehung Double Closet Doors Left Or Right

Prehung Double Closet Doors – If you have an opening with an unusual size or want a custom door for the closet, you may have to buy a slab. Slabs require some additional steps to those shown below for a prehung door, which arrive with existing jambs and hinges. Replacing an old door with a new insulated door can save energy, too. The most important part of hanging a door is to make sure it is plumb and level.

Prehung doors are designed to facilitate installation. If the opening of the door is outside the square, it can be compensated by placing more wedges between the door frame and the wall opening. Prehung doors are sold with the door already in the frame, which facilitates its installation for the homeowner. It is important to maintain the frame square during installation so that the door continues to function properly.

Insert the prehung double closet doorsinto the opening. Insert two wedges into the spaces between the door frame and the inside face of the opening in the wall. Put in a wedge from the outside and another on the inside face so that the wedges overlap. So that a support surface against the outside face of the door frame. Continue the placement of two wedges spaced every 12 inches around the outside of the door frame. In areas where the misaligned door frame creates spaces that are greater than two wedges. Use as many wedges as necessary to fill the gap between the interior face of the wall opening and the outside face of the door frame.

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Verify that the door frame is level with a level of 4 feet at the top and vertically on each side. If a part of the door frame is not square, copy the wedges on one side and tap on the other side to readjust the frame. Attach the frame to the opening in the wall with 3-inch-long nails driven through the prehung double closet doors frame, through the shims and into the face of the opening in the wall.