Rustic Closet Doors With Rail

Nice Rustic Closet Doors

Rustic closet doors – A very common problem in the closet is the door that does not close or lock. Especially those that are sliding and do not have a good rail that supports the weight of the door, are easy to unravel, so in the end it is a problem to open and close the closet. It is very important to look at the weight of the door, and that the system chosen is adapted to the dimensions and weight of the closet doors. The system that was chosen resists up to 80 kilos, so it can have more uses than a closet door, which in general should be much lighter, you need 1 kit per door

Ideas for make rustic closet doors, before starting remove the old door system. Making the door, cut the slats. To assemble 1 door it is necessary to glue the cut strips on the 3 mm MDF plate with cold glue. Fix them definitely with nails. Cut the polystyrene plates to size with a cardboard knife. Put cold glue on the inside of the door and stick the pieces of polystyrene. Put cold glue on the polystyrene filling. Put on the other piece of MDF and nail it to the frame. Cover the edges, with retype paste cover the edges to improve the finish, spread a very small layer with the spatula. Sand, polish the 2 doors, removing the excess of retype paste and improving the endings of the joints.

Then to make rustic closet doors, painting the doors, apply a first coat of opaque white oil with a gun. Let dry. Pour synthetic enamel with the finishing color; give 2 coats of this paint, allowing drying in between. When the door is dry fix a handle per door. A comfortable height is 1 m from the bottom edge. In one door the shooter has to be fixed on the left side and in the other on the right. Then make rail system.

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