Short Closet Doors: Practical For Small Spaces!

Bifold Short Closet Doors

Short closet doors– Many times we are wrong when choosing a wardrobe because we look more at the design than its functionality. Has not it ever happened to you? Therefore, I would like to share with you some useful tips that can help you when choosing a wardrobe, if you are thinking of buying one or renewing the one you already have.  Everything will depend on what we want to store in it and of course, the space we have, because that will mark us if we can place one with sliding, folding doors … or if we can not directly put doors. If you want to discover these tips before your choice, I invite you to continue reading. I hope to help you!

Sliding short closet doors are a very practical solution for small spaces because they do not need more space than the wardrobe itself. There are also those who choose these doors although the space is large because it gives a sense of order and modernity . Aesthetically speaking, there are plenty of types of sliding doors: from those with laminated doors to those with transparent or opaque glass doors. If you are one of those who do not have the closet very neat, I advise you to opt for a glass as opaque as possible.

Separate cabinets for bedrooms are a piece that relieves a lot. We can choose them when the bedroom is large or when we have a specific need for storage . You will easily find short closet doors in many styles : more romantic, colorful and also adaptations for children’s rooms. They have less storage capacity than a custom made wardrobe but they have the advantage that you can easily renew them or change rooms , depending on the needs you have in the family.

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