Simple Closet Hanger Organizer

Baby Closet Hanger Organizer

Closet hanger organizer The wardrobe will occupy a large area in your room. In addition, you will have to spend a lot of money to buy a winged cabinet, open to open quite inconvenient. So what is the solution to hang clothes replacement for you? Try the various hanging ideas below! Simple, you can make your own rack with PVC or similar materials. Depending on the area of ​​the room, you can make large or small, high or low prices, but in general this idea is super economical and easy to do.

You can also make a high closet hanger organizer and take advantage of a ladder to climb up the grab. This idea is fresh and interesting, especially for young children. Also, in the space at the bottom of the ladder, you can put shoes on for comfort and wear. For girls who love unique and rough. Simply with a sturdy twig, the hanging cord is you have had a hanging rack of light clothes. Curtains, blinds are also suitable for hanging near hanging areas and dressing, while increasing the comfort of the room. Therefore, if you cannot forget to combine the decoration of curtains blinds and clothes hanging area to be the most harmonious!

You can make the most of the empty wall space by adding small closet hanger organizer on the wall and hanging the shoes, bags and accessories in a neat and scientific way. Your room will look like a miniature fashion store. Not everyone likes to show off their clothes as well as personal belongings. You can put your clothes neatly in one corner and put on a nice curtain that covers everything. If you are lucky enough to have a corner in the room, do not miss this precious space, but add a wardrobe or convenience store right here.

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